Quality made by GERDES.


The two-layer gusset bag offers particularly good insulating function due to an air layer between the paper and film layers.


The thermo bags are greaseproof, as both the bottom and back is sealed hot.
Therefore they can be used for a wide variety of liquids.
Regular inspections ensure consistently high quality.


Due to their design results in a versatile application.
From a transport bag to a sample bag in the medical sector.
Food such as grilled chicken, snacks, pizza, French fries, spring rolls, etc. can be safely transported and kept warm.


The gusset bag is very popular and an inexpensive airsickness bag or waste bag.


We only use water-based printing inks for our bags.
All inks comply with the EU guidelines for food conformity.


Our thermo bag is made of environmentally friendly materials such as paper and foil.
We do not use aluminium as an intermediate layer. Only raw materials from Europe are used. The thermo bags are produced in Germany.


In addition to the two-layer design, our thermo bag can also be produced with coated paper or strip window. In general, we offer a variety of material combinations and sizes. We have a range of neutral designs in various sizes on stock or print the bags individually according to your specifications.

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