Flexible packaging made of paper and film

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Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH is an owner-managed company from Baden‑Württemberg. For the past 30 years we have produced flexible packaging made of paper and film. We offer a wide variety of service packaging.

Our strength lies in an all-around service from consultation to delivery.


We offer you a comprehensive range of flexible paper and film packaging for food and industrial applications. These include thermo bags, gusset bags, plastic bags, format paper, wrapping paper, chicken bags, fresh-keeping paper, paper bags and more.


We develop new ideas for your packaging requirements and provide support in choosing the right materials. Working together with you we will find individual solutions for your needs and optimize existing products.


We assist you in redesigning printed images and ensure that existing designs meet your requirements, while applying the process of the prepress for constant quality.


We manufacture for you various sizes with different material combinations that include individual prints or neutral designs. A two layer thermo bag made of kraft paper, and a heat-resistant, sealed, liquid-proof film on the inside is our special trademark.


We store your ordered products for individual retrieval and offer international shipping. Generic products are available at short notice.


We offer a wide variety of environment friendly solutions, such as water-soluble colors that meet the requirements of the Food Ordinance. Aluminum is not used in our process.

Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH
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